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You will find a lovely selection of Scottish Escorts and Escorts working in Scotland on these pages.  The Scottish courtesans have chosen to advertise their services on this premier escort advertising site.

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News in Scottish escorting

10th December 2019 Local crime writer’s generous donation to sex workers’ charity SCOT-PEP

Peter Richie, a local crime writer has launched his latest Thriller. Maxine’s Story and will donate a proportion of the profits to SCOT-PEP, the Edinburgh based charity dedicated to the promotion of sex workers’ rights.

Read more in the Edinburgh Reporter

6th December 2019 Study shows a large number of people support sex work in Tayside and Fife

The poll carried out by Dundee Violence Against Women Alliance showed 51% agreed with or had no strong views on sex work. Over 60% agreed or had no strong views that men aged over 18 could go to strip clubs. Over half disagreed with making paying for sex illegal, and that adults watching pornography were not doing anything harmful. The respondents to the survey were mainly women (77%). This was not the result Ann Hamilton, chair of Dundee Violence Against Women Alliance wanted to hear. She was disappointed and launched into the usual mantra of “The acceptance of men’s right to buy women.” She really really should listen to sex workers and of course campaign for the reduction of poverty which does force some women into selling sexual favours.

Read more from the Courier

4th June 2019 Glasgow could be the first in the UK to ban lap dancing clubs

Here we go again, banning lap dancing clubs. Glasgow is looking to set the number of Sexual Entertainment venues to zero, zilch, none. There is a consultation open until August 26th, asking the public’s view on these clubs. The council is asking if there should be any or none at all. Presently there are 4 venues, Diamond Dolls, Forbidden, Platinum Lace and Seventh Heaven. Of course, there are those campaigning to have the number set to zero.  Jan Macleod, of the Women’s Support Project in Glasgow, said it wanted a limit of zero and for existing lap dancing clubs to be closed. Her views are these clubs put women at risk. This is absolutely untrue, and it has been proven many times that there is no increase in sexual violence in areas with lap dancing clubs. If anything the correlation is the opposite. This was shown by Brooke Magnanti who totally debunked the statistics from a similar campaign to shut down lap dancing clubs in London.

The consultation closes on Monday, 26 August

Read more in the Scotsman 

February 7th 2019

It is a year since Laura died. Since then there have been many events to commemorate her life. She even had her obituary on the BBC Last Word program, alongside the obituary of Billy Graham. This must be the first for a sex worker in the UK. Today there was a Twitter hashtag dedicated to her name #RememberingLauraLee where her friends thanked her for her life’s work.

February 2018

It is with sadness that I must let you know about the sudden death of Laura Lee. She died on the 7th of February 2018. She lived and worked in Scotland and was a great campaigner of the rights of sex workers. 

Laura Lee was a fighter, an activist, a friend, a mum and a pain in the Oireachtas arse, as well as Rhoda Grant

She went through so much; she was exposed, abused by the press and had her life turned upside down just so that she could fight for the decriminalisation of sex workers – a fight she never gave up on.

She was an advocate and would help anyone who asked for guidance and support.

Laura was one of the fiercest, but friendliest people I was ever lucky enough to meet. She loved to laugh and make jokes. She had such a way of making people feel at ease, even though we were all so much in awe of her.

March 2017

The SNP at their conference voted for the Scottish model, a model similar to the Nordic models which criminalise the clients of sex workers.  At the party conference, sex workers who spoke were ignored and spoken over by the supporters of the Nordic model.  Sex workers were called pimps!  

3rd January 2017

The trial of Bala Chindra accused of murdering the escort Jessica McGraa in a flat in Aberdeen is due to start in Aberdeen this January 2017

Update Bala Chindra was sentenced to life imprisonment.

1st January 2015

Edinburgh which has always had a tolerant attitude to commercial sex, allowing saunas to sell sex. The Scottish police are now one large authority, and the Glasgow police are in the ascendancy.  There are now prosecutions ongoing against some of the sauna’s owners and six of them have had their licenses revoked.  Since then Edinburgh council have revoked all the Sauna Licences.  Bad news for all those women who worked with safety in these discreet establishments.

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Visiting Amsterdam, then here is what to see

Are you Scottish lads and lasses visiting Amsterdam for a stag do or a hen party? Maybe you are there on business, or taking a break? Whatever your reason for visiting, then why not lookout for a beautiful escort to show you the sites. As a Tartan Ladies client, you are seeking a companion who is beautiful, warm and accommodating. Someone familiar with the city who can show you the delights of this vibrant city. What better than to find escorts at Beauty Escorts Amsterdam who are both beautiful and knowledgeable about their city. They will be able to take you to the sexy banana show, or the museum of prostitution. Their knowledge of the restaurants, bars and coffee shops is formidable. When all the historical sites have been seen, and you have been replenished, you can finish off with some sexy fun with your companion of the night. Oh, sorry I meant companions, you booked more than one!  

What should you do when visiting the Amsterdam Red Light District? Well, there are of course the obvious choices, go and hire the services of an Amsterdam Escort. How do you do this? Walk beside the windows in the De Wallen area, taking note of the ladies displaying in the windows. When you find a suitable choice of an Escort Amsterdam, walk up to the window and politely indicate your interest in buying her services. They will open the door so you can discuss your requirements. Treat them with respect, don’t shout, and if they turn down your business, don’t get angry. They have the right to refuse. When you and the Escort Amsterdam have come to an agreement on services and price, they will let you in. The payment must be cash, so ensure you have enough with you. The prices start at 50 euro for a short basic service of 10-15 minutes from the escort. Longer appointments, with more complex fetishes and scenarios, will cost more.

As well as hiring the services of and escort, you can also take a tour behind the scenes of where the Amsterdam Escorts work. You would be delighted by the Bonton sex club behind the scenes tour. The tour takes place in a real sex club which is active and in use at night. The tour is hosted by a former Amsterdam Escorts who has worked in Amsterdam Brothels. As part of the tour, you will be shown around the individual rooms, where you have the chance of talking to some of the employees working there. Enjoy the Nuru Massage room with the slipup Nuru gel used to lubricate bodies as they slide over each other.

Add a museum to your trip like no other, visit the Museum of Prostitution and experience the delights of actually sitting in a window of the Red Light District. You can also take walking tours of the district. I would recommend the tours operated by the Prostitution Information Centre (PIC). PIC is an organisation that helps sex workers with all kinds of advice, they also visit the Amsterdam Escort daily, helping with taxes, housing, health and very much more.  The guides providing the tours and knowledgeable about what they are talking about. They have either worked as escorts, are still working in the sex industry. The information they will provide will be from firsthand experience. The guides are also discreet and try not to interfere with the trade their compatriots are engaged in.

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