Know your Rights

Here is a short document about your rights if the police raid you.  Police Scotland have in recent years been monitoring escorts, visiting them and interviewing them.  In some circumstances they have been know to take photographs.  You can refuse them access.  This important document lays out your rights, and was produced by Scot-Pep.  Down load and keep to hand. indoor_sw_rights_july2015

Support Sites

Looking for a peer-led sex worker support project, then contact Umbrella Lane. Umbrella Lane is situated in a small discreet office in Glasgow city centre where you can come and chat through any issues in relation to work & life with a peer volunteer and get free condoms and lubricants.

UK GUM Clinics

Support and Advice for Escorts

International Union of Sexworkers

Tax Advice for Escorts (Excellent advice site on escorts and paying tax!)

Scot-Pep (an Edinburgh based charity run by Sex Workers, for Sex Workers)

Web Design for Escorts

Select Web Site Design… Designer of the ‘Select an Escort’ directory



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