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The Good News

Rhoda Grant’s proposed bill to criminalise the purchase of sex did not receive the support is required.  So her bill will not even be discussed in parliament.  Unfortunately someone else will be back with this same proposal.

The Bad News

Edinburgh which has always had a tolerant attitude to commercial sex, allowing saunas to sell sex. The Scottish police are now one large authority, and the Glasgow police are in the ascendancy.  There are now prosecutions ongoing against some of the sauna’s owners and six of them have had their licenses revoked.  Since then Edinburgh council have revoked all the Sauna Licences.  Bad new for all those women who worked with safety in these discreet establishments..

28th September 2014

Rhoda Grant has started her criminalise the client initiative again.  She has organised meetings in the Scottish parliament to discuss what can be done to stop prostitution.  Yes again she has not involved the real stakes holders in this initiative.  She has refused to ask sex workers along to the discussions  and totally rebuffed Scot Pep.   Scot Pep have produced a two page briefing paper for MSPs on why crimialisation has and will fail.


15th July 2014

There is even more bad news for escorts in Scotland.  The Scottish police are going to identify escorts working indoors and raid the premises and interview the escort(s) working there. These unannounced visits are called welfare visits.  This will out you to your neighbors, (why are the police calling).  If you are working with other escorts, then their database will contain this information, and who knows they might prosecute you for brothel keeping, which often happens in Aberdeen.  Read more about this terrifying police called Operation Lingle at the Scot-Pep site.

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